What’s The Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth? 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Be Careful About What Halloween Candies You Choose 

As Halloween approaches, many kids – and even some adults – are looking forward to indulging in some Halloween candy. However, keep in mind that certain of these candies are worse for your dental health. Here are some of the candy choices that you may want to avoid. 

Gummies And Sticky Candies 

By being gummy and sticky, these candies become harder to remove from your teeth, which increases their chance of sticking around long enough to do some damage. 

Hard Candies 

There are only two ways to eat hard candies – either by biting down on them or leaving them in your mouth long enough to wear them down. Both are bad! Biting down can easily break your teeth and the longer candy is in your mouth the more damage it can do. 

Sour Candies 

Sour candies tend to be very acidic, which wears down your protective tooth enamel. Consider passing on sour candies this year! 

Popcorn Balls 
Popcorn balls present a number of problems. They’re sugary, sticky, and often hard – all things that are difficult on your teeth. Additionally, kernels can easily get stuck between your teeth.  

Consider avoiding the above candies this year to improve your dental health! 

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