Dr. Summer Archibald – Dentist

First Generation Dentist

People always ask me why I became a dentist. Of course I want to help people and be of service, but I also experienced first hand what a difference a great smile can do for your self confidence. I am a first generation dentist, so I sort-of just happened upon this career. My first experience with a dentist was when I was eight years old. I had almost 10 cavities on my initial visit. My mother was not happy and I was off to a bad start, but my dentist was kind, gentle and I never had a bad experience with her. When I was 13 I had to get my jaw widened to fit the teeth that I had in my mouth. I saw an orthodontist who created a space between my two front teeth that I could almost fit a deck of cards in. I had my braces on for 11 months and when I went in to get them taken off, I couldn’t believe that these were my teeth. They were beautiful. I couldn’t stop smiling. After getting my braces it I felt more confident, and was more out going. It was then when I realized that I wanted help people the way my dentist had helped me.

Outside work I have two young children, a very energetic son named Duncan and a busy daughter named Brynn. In my down time I try to spend as much time as I can with my kids and husband, and read when I get a chance. I look forward to all the possibilities that life brings and I am thankful for what has come to me so far.

Education/Continuing Education

  • Completed Implant Maxicourse in June 2012- with a certificate from OAGD and AAID for completion of over 300 hours of implant training with didactic and surgical components
  • Completed Advanced Implant Maxicourse
  • Minimal Sedation Course in 2010
  • Graduated Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2005
  • Graduated Linfield College in 2001


  •  AAID
  • ODA
  • ADA
  • Multnomah Dental Society,
  • Rose City Study Club
  • OAGD
  • Gresham Chamber of Commerce