More Reasons To Brush Twice A Day

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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Last time, we talked about why brushing your teeth twice daily is important. Gresham Family Dentistry is back with more reasons why brushing twice a day is good for your dental health.

Brushing Twice A Day Helps Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath, when not caused by your last meal, is often caused by volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). Anaerobic bacteria that reside on your tongue release these compounds regularly, giving morning breath its characteristics stale, sulfur-like smell. When you brush your teeth, your tongue should also get a thorough cleaning. As the oral microbes are removed, your breath becomes fresher. In addition, the sweet aroma of your toothpaste will further enhance your breath. Brushing twice daily helps ensure that the microbes that may be contributing to your bad breath are removed before they build-up to the point of causing your breath to be offensive. It also removes particles of food that may be stuck between your teeth. As the food remains in place, it can rot or deteriorate in your mouth, further exacerbating halitosis.

Brushing Twice A Day Can Keep Your Teeth Whiter

As you eat and drink, pigments are absorbed into the pores of your tooth enamel and can build up over time. The accumulation of pigments can discolor your teeth, necessitating a teeth-bleaching session. When you brush twice a day, you can help remove some of the pigments that have not been fully absorbed by your teeth. If you brush with a whitening toothpaste, you can give your teeth an even greater chance of avoiding discoloration. Whitening toothpaste often includes ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, to keep your teeth looking their best. Peroxide uses oxygenating power to help bleach away stains. Baking soda is alkaline and mildly abrasive, so it helps polish your teeth for a whitening boost.

Gum Health

Brushing twice daily also improves the health of your gums so that you can avoid gum disease. The acid that causes tooth decay irritates sensitive soft tissues in your mouth. The resulting inflammation can lead to gum disease. If you are in the beginning stages of gum disease, you may only notice a bit of blood in the sink after you brush your teeth. However, periodontal issues can progress to the point of bone and tooth loss. When you brush your teeth, you dilute the inflammatory acid and help rid your mouth of the bacteria that produce it.

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