Infant Dental Health: Thumb Sucking And Pacifiers 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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No parent has all the answers, especially for their first child. The staff at Gresham Family Dentistry aims to guide Gresham parents in the realm of good children’s dental health. Gresham Family Dentistry provides top-notch family dentistry services for children as well as adults. With our professional dental services, we provide Gresham families with the care they need to maintain good oral health. 

Thumb Sucking And Pacifier Use Is Normal 

Sucking on thumbs, fingers, and pacifiers is one of the ways in which infants comfort themselves when they are anxious. It is a relaxing activity that can even help put them to sleep. In fact, infants begin sucking on their fingers in the womb. Most children will naturally stop sucking their thumbs or wanting a pacifier between the ages of 2 and 4. However, if your child does not stop this behavior of their own volition, you should discourage thumb sucking and pacifier use after the age of 4 because it can cause problems with proper mouth growth and teeth alignment. 

Tips To Discourage Thumb Sucking And Pacifier Use 
Don’t rely on scolding to discourage thumb sucking and pacifier use. Rather, offer praise when your child avoids these behaviors. Remember that children often suck their fingers when they feel insecure about something. Try addressing the cause of their anxiety and offer them comfort. Gresham parents can also try to reward children who avoid thumb sucking during difficult periods, such as when they are separated from family members. 

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