How to Time Your Kid’s Teeth Brushing

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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Convincing kids to brush their teeth can sometimes be a difficult task. Even when they relent to the routine task of maintaining dental health, they oftentimes will rush through the process. As you well know, however, it is highly recommended that everyone brushes their teeth for two minutes at a time.

Getting kids to brush properly.

How can you teach your kids to focus on brushing their teeth for two minutes at a time?

There are many fun ways to get your child into the habit of brushing for the proper amount of time.

For example, for toddlers, you’re likely still supervising while they brush their teeth. Think up a favorite song of theirs and adapt it to last about two minutes. Sing it out loud while your child is brushing, making the task more fun for them.

Set a timer.

When your children get past the point of supervision, get a timer and set it on the bathroom counter for them. Set the timer yourself to see if your child is brushing for the proper amount of time.

Teenagers will naturally want more independence. Many electric toothbrushes come with built-in timers that help your teen to know if they’re brushing long enough.

Set a good example.

Children mimic what they see, so try timing yourself and make sure you’re making it to the two-minute mark.

Be proactive about your oral health.

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