Wood Village Children’s Dental Care: Tips For Home 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Where Can I Seek Wood Village Children’s Dental Care? 

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Wood Village Children’s Dental Care 

Our team is dedicated to your family’s dental health. Of course, good dental hygiene practices don’t start and end with in-office dentist visits. It’s important to take steps to care for your dental health at home too. 

Parents are tasked with the job of teaching their children how best to care for their teeth – which can seem like a difficult task. Below are some tips to follow when teaching your child about brushing their teeth. 


Start by demonstrating yourself. Explain what you’re doing and why and try to keep the mood fun so your child stays interested. You can also demonstrate on stuffed animals or on a toy/false set of teeth. 

Supervised Teeth Brushing 

Once your child is able to hold their toothbrush correctly, you can allow them to try brushing their own teeth. However, you’ll want to stay close so you and monitor them and correct them as necessary. You may also find you need to do a quick follow-up to hit any spots they may have missed. 

Watch Videos 

It may help your child to have more visual examples to follow. You can find kid-friendly toothbrushing videos online. 

Seek professional dental care for children near Wood Village today! 

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