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Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Gresham Family Dentistry Treats Sleep Apnea—So You Can Sleep More Soundly

Does regular disruptive snoring make it difficult for you or your partner to sleep? Do you find yourself needing to sleep separately? If you’re tired of not getting a full night’s sleep due to excessive snoring, Gresham Family Dentistry can help. We offer quality treatment for Sleep Apnea in Gresham. Gresham Family Dentistry is eager to help our Gresham patients sleep more soundly.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. This leads to loud snoring and can cause Gresham patients to feel tired even after a full night’s sleep. One of the most common forms of Sleep Apnea is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This occurs when your throat and jaw are relaxed while sleeping and can decrease your airway or even close it off for a period. This decreased airway causes you to snore, which can interrupt your sleep or your partner’s sleep.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea at Gresham Family Dentistry

In order to help our Gresham patients control their Sleep Apnea, Gresham Family Dentistry first takes impressions of their upper and lower jaw. We use these impressions to make a custom appliance for our Gresham patients to alleviate Sleep Apnea. We are able to deliver the sleep apnea appliance about a week after the initial impressions are taken. 

Gresham Family Dentistry Offers Quality Dental Services and Sleep Apnea Treatment in Gresham

Be proactive about your oral health – schedule an appointment today for an oral checkup with Gresham Family Dentistry. At Gresham Family Dentistry, our priority is your comfort. We provide quality, convenient dental care to the Gresham community. Our dental services include sedation dentistry, children’s dentistry, oral surgery, and dental cleanings. You can learn more about treatment for sleep apnea here.

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