Signs Of A Cavity 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Sunday, November 27, 2022


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What Are The Signs Of A Cavity? 

Are you worried that you might have a cavity? Would you like to know the signs of a cavity so you can look out for one for yourself or for the sake of your kids? Cavities are serious business and you’ll want to seek our professional dental care as soon as possible if you think you have one, so here are a few signs you may have a cavity. 

Pain Or Sensitivity 

If you’re experiencing pain while chewing, that of course can be a sign of a cavity. Sensitivity while eating certain foods can also be a sign. If you have a cavity, you may feel tooth sensitivity while eating something particularly hot or cold, or while eating something that has high sugar content. 

White Spots Or Dark Spots 

Both white spots and dark spots can be signs of a cavity. White spots tend to be chalky and are a sign of mineral loss on the tooth. Dark spots will show up as tooth decay progresses. Sometimes, the entire tooth may even become darker. 

Signs Of Damage 

If your teeth are showing signs of damage, such as holes, chips, or cracks, it’s likely that you’re developing a cavity. See a dentist as soon as you can. 

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