Mouthwash Pros and Cons

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Many people include mouthwash in their daily oral health routine. It is important to note, though, that while mouthwash can offer some benefits to your oral health, there are also some drawbacks.


Cuts down on cavities. Using a fluoride rinse will absolutely help reduce the chance of cavities.

Helps fight gum disease.
An antibacterial mouthwash, like one with alcohol or chlorhexidine, may help prevent periodontal diseases like gingivitis.

Soothes canker sores. Mouthwash can ease a canker sore by detoxing the area. It reduces the amount of bacteria that can irritate the site. A simple saltwater rinse can also help.

Safeguard your pregnancy. Bacteria from a gum infection can get into a pregnant woman’s bloodstream and increase inflammatory markers, which in turn can stimulate contractions. This means women with periodontal disease are more at risk for giving birth to preterm babies. However, pregnant women who use mouthwash throughout their pregnancy are less likely to go into early labor.


Can irritate canker sores. If the alcohol content of your mouth rinse is too high, it may end up irritating the canker sore more than helping it.

Masks bad breath. Although having nice breath feels good, bad breath is also a sign of poor oral health. If your mouthwash is masking you bad breath, you may not realize how poor your oral health is.

Some washes possibly linked to oral cancer. The debate over whether alcohol-containing mouthwashes are linked to oral cancer continues — it’s an issue that has been discussed since the 1970s with no definitive answers. One stumbling block has been the way the studies have been designed, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). As of now, the ADA has put its Seal of Acceptance on some mouth rinses containing alcohol after it extensively reviewed their effectiveness and safety.

Whether or not you decide to use mouthwash, remember that no mouthwash can act as a substitute for brushing and flossing your teeth.

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