Is Drinking Water Good For Oral Health? 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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Drinking Water Is Good For Your Health – Including Your Oral Health 

It comes as no surprise that drinking water is good for your overall health. After all, proper hydration is incredibly important for your bodily functions. Can drinking water really have that big of an impact on dental health, though? It can and it does! Below are a few reasons why it’s important to drink water to maintain good oral and dental health. 

Fluoride Water Strengthens Teeth 

Fluoride is considered to be the natural cavity fighter – which is why many cities in the US provide fluoride water. Drinking fluoride water can make your teeth stronger and more resilient. 

Water Cleans Your Mouth 

Drinking water after meals can wash away leftover bits of food and other beverages in your mouth. While other drinks, such as sodas, juice, etc., can leave behind sugars or acids in your mouth, water leaves no harmful substances. 

Drinking Water Combats Dry Mouth 

A dry mouth increases your risk for tooth decay. How? The job of your saliva is to wash away leftover bits of food debris in your mouth. When your mouth is dry – that is to say, when you have too little saliva – it is harder for your mouth to naturally get rid of that debris. Drinking water helps. 

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