How To Teach Your Child To Brush Their Teeth 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Gresham Families, Do You Know How To Teach Your Child To Brush Their Teeth? 

As a parent, there are so many things you need to teach your child over the course of their life. For example – brushing your teeth may seem like second nature to you now, after so many years of keeping up with the habit. However, no one is born knowing proper brushing techniques. How can you be sure you’re teaching them right? The Gresham Family Dentistry team is here to help families in Gresham, Wood Village, Boring, and Fairview teach their children how to brush their teeth. 

Brush Their Teeth For Them 

Before your child can brush their teeth on their own, they’ll need you to brush their teeth for them. You can use times when you’re brushing their teeth for them to show them the proper technique for brushing teeth. Explain what you’re doing aloud so they can understand what they will eventually need to do themselves. 

Show Them By Brushing Your Teeth 

You can also demonstrate how to brush your teeth when you brush your own teeth. Explain what you’re doing and why. Keep a fun and upbeat attitude to help keep your kid excited about learning to brush their teeth. 

Let Them Try On Their Own 

Kids often learn by doing. While your child may not be able to brush as well as they need to at first, you can supervise and help them improve until a time when they are able to brush on their own. Generally speaking, you should supervise your child’s tooth brushing until about 7 years of age. 

Practice On A Toy 

Your child can also get more practice by practicing with a stuffed animal or another type of toy. This sort of play can also keep them engaged in learning how to brush their teeth. Walk them through the process as they brush their toy’s teeth. 

Brush With Them 

Make brushing your teeth a fun, family bonding time by brushing your teeth together. Have them mimic your motions and technique so they’re learning while they’re having fun. 

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