Good Dental Health This Thanksgiving 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Some Thanksgiving Foods Are Good For Dental Health 

Last time, the Gresham Family Dentistry team informed Gresham locals about Thanksgiving foods that are best avoided when possible, or enjoyed only in moderation. Today, we’d like to talk about some Thanksgiving favorites that are actually good for your dental health. 


That’s right! What many consider to be the star of any Thanksgiving Day table is actually a good dish for your teeth. Turkey has no starch or sugar, but has plenty of good protein – so eat up! 


Vegetables, of course, are healthy both for your overall health and your dental health. Chewing vegetables actually helps your produce saliva, which washes away leftover food and bad bacteria. 

Pumpkin Pie 

Not all Thanksgiving Day desserts are bad for you! In fact, many people’s seasonal favorite – pumpkin pie – is actually comparatively good for you. Pumpkin pie has calcium and Vitamin C, which are both known to keep gums healthy. Just be sure to wash away the sugary leftovers with a glass of water, or brush your teeth soon after. 

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