Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day Every Day 

The Gresham Family Dentistry team is here to help families in the Gresham area maintain good dental health practices every day. Which is why we’re reminding families in Gresham, Fairview, Wood Village, and Boring that you must brush your teeth twice a day, every day. 

Why is it important to brush twice a day every day? Brushing your teeth removes a substance called plaque – a sort of white film that forms on your teeth and contains bacteria. This bacteria feeds on sugar and produces acid. Whenever you eat something with sugar, this bacteria will eat the sugar that is left in your mouth and produce harmful acid that will wear down the enamel of your teeth. Eventually, that acid can cause cavities. Additionally, plaque can harden into another substance called tartar. Tartar often can’t be removed with just brushing your teeth, and enough build up can cause gum disease.  

By brushing twice a day every day, you can avoid most of the serious consequences of plaque and tartar. Additionally, you should make sure to visit your dentist twice a year for a regular dental cleaning. 

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Be proactive about your oral health! Gresham Family Dentistry is here to offer the dental care you need. At Gresham Family Dentistry, our priority is your comfort. We provide quality dental services for the entire family including sedation dentistry, children’s dentistry, oral surgery, dental cleanings, and more! 

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