Are Summer Snacks Bad For Your Teeth? 

Posted by Gresham Family Dentistry on Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Which Summer Snacks Are Bad For Your Teeth? 

Summer is here, and for many families in Gresham, Wood Village, Boring, and Fairview, that means fun summer events that involve food. Whether you’re on vacation, at a family get-together, or holding a summer barbecue, there are some summer snacks that you should avoid when you can. Which summertime favorites should you be sure to have only in moderation? 

Soda, Sweet Tea, And Sports Drinks 

All of these drinks are popular choices to stay cool during the summer. However, they have acid and sugar than can wear down your tooth enamel. Choose water instead as your drink of choice. Water is better for keeping you hydrated in the summer heat, too! 

Pickles And Other Pickled Foods 

Like the drinks mentioned above, pickles and other pickled foods are soaked in acids and sugars, which are bad for your smile. Try a raw veggie snack instead! 

Starchy Snacks 

Potato chips and other similar starchy snacks are also a popular summer choice. However, foods like these often get stuck in your teeth and become a feeding ground for the bad bacteria in your mouth. Limit such foods when you can, and be sure to brush thoroughly after you indulge in any chips or other such foods. 

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